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About Us

The Green City Development Group has created a Sustainable Business Incubator to improve the overall health of the natural environment by using Green principles.


We encourage a sustained quality of life by increasing awareness and development of Green projects that promote environmental sustainability, networks and equitable development patterns.

We support communities in their efforts to become more conscious their health and the health of their environment.

We are dedicated to foster the overall economic prosperity of startup businesses by working with local community partners to reduce barriers.


Project Participants

Green City Development Group seek clients who are interested in sustainable developments and show a strong commitment to working with residents and businesses to increase energy-efficiency.




  1. Host Networking Events, Meetings and Summits

  2. Financial Aid Resources and Assistance

  3. Build an information pipeline and other supportive services

  4. Form working collaborative for sustainable projects

  5. Assist in contract identification for member businesses

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