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About Us

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Our Vision

The mission of the Green City Development Group is to improve the overall health of the natural environment

By using green principles to build sustainable projects that comprehensively target the health and revitalization of communities.


Our organization encourages a sustained quality of life by supporting residents and other stakeholders in their efforts to become more conscious of their health and the health of their environment.


Through increased awareness and development of Green Projects, we aim to foster overall economic prosperity while constructing cleaner, greener sustainable communities.


The Green City Development Group is committed to working with local community partners to reduce barriers for startup businesses. We have dedicated several years and countless man hours helping local residents find employment with startup businesses. 


The Sustainable Business Development Incubator that is founded by the Green City Development Group seeks to accelerate the work done to:


  1. Development sustainable businesses

  2. Meet housing and economic development needs

  3. Educate cities and other stakeholders about the benefits of sustainable development

  4. Connect future clients with home construction projects

  5. Foster funding opportunities for sustainable businesses

  6. Seek opportunities in these and related markets

Our Goals


Walking Trails

We will create a 33-mile long nature trail to promote a connection between neighborhoods, and increase green space.


Green Economy Jobs

Create Green Economy Jobs that establish long term job opportunities for local residents and surrounding cities. This will connect the historically underserved and to increase the potential for further local growth and investment.


Create Opportunities

We will direct clients to the many opportunities available through the tax free zone and Green space projects.

Let’s Work Together

380 Lakeshore Drive

Jackson Ga. 30233

Phone: +1 404 732 2114

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